Testable innovation

Our demonstration centre allows you to discover innovative logistics solutions that are market-mature but not yet mainstream. These are the solutions that offer just that little bit extra that will make you future-proof and set you apart from the competition.

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An impressive demonstration hall for logistical innovation



Visit our awe-inspiring demonstration hall to discover for yourself all the innovative technologies and applications that are ready for market – solutions that will help you to optimise and future-proof your logistics operations.

The technologies are exhibited by both our Innovation Partners and our Start2Scale-up Partners.

Who are our partners?

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Could your technological advance help to innovate the logistics ecosystem and make a real contribution to improving efficiency and productivity while lowering error margins and CO2 emissions? And do you want to go straight to your target audience to demonstrate it?

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Visit our demonstration center

If you'd like to discover the innovative supply chain automation, digitisation and sustainability technologies that we are showcasing, our Innovation Ambassadors will be happy to take you on a guided tour where you get to see, experience and try out all our solutions.

Visit our demonstration center