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Save-the-date: Closing event “Innovative packaging solutions: Reduce – Reuse – Rethink”

New upcoming EU legislation (PPWR) around the sustainable packaging of goods requires companies to move quickly to more sustainable packaging solutions. This legislation can cause many problems for companies. What solutions are currently on the market? How to prepare appropriately for this drastic change?

Participation in this event is free for Log!Ville partners and visitors to the (current theme) tours. Each company may register 3 people free of charge for this event. Other participants pay €150.00 (excluding VAT).


  • 16u00 – Welcome
  • 16u30 – Introduction
  • 16u45 – Keynote
  • 17u20 – Interactive paneldebate
  • 18u00 – Networkdrink
  • 19u00 – END

You can sign up via the form below. Registration will close on 20 March 2024.