The logistics demonstration and experience center

Log!Ville, where logistics & innovation meet

Log!Ville is the landmark innovation centre for the logistics ecosystem.

The Log!Ville team

Get to know the driving forces
Liesbeth Geysels Managing Director
Paul Van Nuffel Ad-Interim Manager
Dirk Jocquet Innovation Ambassador
Kristof De Smedt Innovation Ambassador
Geert Van Den Berghe Finance
Nick Wolters Booking, Events & Marketing
Michèle Aerts Events and Marketing Responsible
Gunther Storme IT

Experience centre

Log!Ville offers businesses an immersive experience in the future of logistics through visualization, customization, and digital storytelling, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors. The demonstration centre showcases innovative technological advancements in supply chain automation, digitalisation, and sustainability, with professional partners leading the way in their respective fields, inspiring business leaders to embrace innovative logistics solutions.

Meeting place

Log!Ville possesses an ultra-modern meeting centre, providing the perfect environment for innovative collaborations among startups, businesses, and expert organizations, promoting expertise sharing and co-creation opportunities.


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