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Our partners


Deloitte is the market leader in professional services for auditing, accounting, advice and more. Deloitte helps customers with their future business models, from strategy to implementation. The Supply Chain & Network Operations department encompasses 10,000 professionals globally, with a strong Belgian presence in logistics. Deloitte is a proud foundation partner of Log!Ville; this underscores its passion for innovation and logistics, and making an impact that matters.

POM Antwerpen

POM Antwerpen is a public project developer. With infrastructure projects, POM Antwerpen creates space for enterprise, with a focus on socially relevant topics such as climate and mobility. The construction of the landmark building for Log!Ville allows innovative companies to help one another and inform and inspire the logistics sector. It is no coincidence that it is located in the Science Park in Niel, where POM Antwerpen is creating an epicentre for innovation in the region.


Siemens develops solutions for the entire (intra) logistics chain. It combines technology, expertise and sector knowledge to create efficient and sustainable applications. The targeted use of digital solutions, such as digital twins, offers an answer to the logistical challenges of today and tomorrow. As a Foundation Partner, Siemens is underlining its engagement with regard to stimulating and inspiring the sector with technological innovation.


Toyota Material Handling is known for its rolling stock. TMH also comes up with and installs customised automation projects which use the latest market-mature technologies. TMH thus creates maximum profitability and efficiency within intra-logistics processes. As a Foundation Partner of Log!Ville, Toyota Material Handling is emphasising its position as a leader within the logistics sector.

Van Dessel

The logistics sector is constantly developing. Innovations and total professionalism have a significant impact on the logistics chain. New developments in society also require an adapted approach to the logistics sector. As a leading and specialised intermediary, Van Dessel follows these evolutions closely in Log!Ville to estimate the impact in insurance terms and offer customised solutions.


The non-profit organisation VIL (Vlaanderen – Innovatie – Logistiek), which has over 650 members, has a dual aim: Promoting Flanders as the ideal European logistics region and allowing Flemish companies to excel via expertise and innovation. The activities primarily focus on innovative projects with and for businesses and are supported by VLAIO. A team of thirty logistics and multimodal experts are available to offer the companies support on a daily basis. To move from building up expertise to the implementation thereof, VIL founded Log!Ville.


WDP warehouses are the smart, flexible and future-focused homes of ambitious logistics companies. #TeamWDP lets customers experience the unprecedented opportunities of intelligent supply chain management each and every day. WDP combines smart warehouses with innovative enterprises in order that customers can develop to their full potential. Innovation is crucial for the future of logistics, which makes a partnership with Log!Ville a clear choice.

POM West-Flanders

POM West-Flanders focuses on the Physical Internet, the logistics of the future. POM West-Flanders thus aims to provide information to and raise awareness among educational establishments and students on the various themes and best practices within the Physical Internet. To do this, POM West-Flanders joins forces with VIL and Log!Ville to establish (West) Flanders as an innovative region when it comes to logistics and supply chain management.

POM Limburg

POM Limburg supports the economic development of Limburg, ‘the friendliest place to work, do business, innovate and excel’. POM Limburg is supporting Log!Ville and Log!Launch because it believes in the digitalisation and preservation of the logistics ecosystems and recognises the important role start-ups and scale-ups can play in this context. With the largest network of incubators in Flanders, Limburg supports young and innovative businesses by not only putting them in touch with one another but also with larger companies, both within and outside Limburg.


yooBeeEYE is a simple yet powerful solution offering seamless pallet-tracking and eliminating all scanning processes. This leads to substantial improvements in intra-logistics performance and accuracy while hazards are detected and dangerous situations in your processes are prevented before they happen.


BOMA develops and distributes professional cleaning materials, products and machinery with a great deal of added value for businesses and organisations. The careful and considered use of our products and services supports the environment and, alongside time gains and cost-savings, offers perfect cleaning results. Visit a live demonstration at Log!Ville and experience the efficiency of BOMA Robotics for yourself!


DHL Express is always on the go and is continuously looking towards the future. It is committed to staying ahead of the curve in a world that is constantly changing; from a pioneering role in e-commerce, through the GoGreen commitment, to using the latest technologies realizing Right First Time and opening up trade in new markets.

Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. From their branches across Flanders, stimulating open innovation via high-quality research. Businesses can also collaborate with Flanders Make on customised innovations, using the range of testing and validation infrastructure that can be provided.


We are building a world in which frontline workers can do their jobs efficiently every day and drive home safely at the end of the day. Our mission is to reduce your operational costs by providing safety, efficiency and sustainability solutions for your frontline workers and equipment. Based on our technical know-how and extensive industrial expertise, we offer integrated IoT products that can solve realistic problems in real-time.


V2S bvba, founded in 2006, is an experienced structural engineering firm with expertise dating back to 1992. They provide structural design services for various projects and utilize advanced 3D calculation software such as Tekla. In addition to offering construction advice and expertise in both traditional and industrial building, they are known for their technical proficiency, flexibility, and punctuality in meeting deadlines. They serve government agencies, contractors, architects, developers, and private individuals. Feel free to contact them for high-quality service.