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Why become a partner of Log!Ville?

Market acceleration for new technologies

Accelerate your technology’s market presence via Log!Ville’s exposure, offering maximum visibility for all technologies and ensuring quick embedding of your innovation

Long-term visibility via durable partnerships

Our trained Innovation Ambassadors deliver expert presentations of your product or technology to every visitor throughout the entire partnership, ensuring a consistently professional demonstration of your innovations.

Lead generation via Log!Ville Innovation Ambassadors

Log!Ville excels in facilitating ideal matches between visitors and partners. Alongside our sales lead platform, our ambassadors accurately record all interests for future follow-ups, ensuring we continuously inform you about relevant leads as a valued partner.

Profiling as a leader

At Log!Ville, we prioritise market-ready products and state-of-the-art technologies. As a privileged partner, you become an integral part of our exclusive and innovative network, offering unique opportunities for growth and collaboration.

High-level B2B platform for the logistics sector

Log!Ville’s main audience comprises B2B supply chain decision-makers, and our goal is to facilitate impactful interactions and transactions with this group.

Flexible format for the transfer of expertise

In Log!Ville, innovations are featured from diverse perspectives. Employing demonstrations, co-creations, brainstorming sessions, and match-making, among other approaches. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and immersive experience that highlights the potential of each innovation.

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