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The flexible space!

This unique room combines the best of both worlds – the Vespucci and the Pytheas, offering ample room for your group and endless possibilities for creating the perfect setting. With a classic setup accommodating 36 persons in a U-shape or up to 50 persons in a classroom style, you also have the freedom to customise the room with your preferred table layout.

Booking the Battuta includes complimentary water, while coffee and tea are available before/after the meeting and during breaks. This meeting room is fully equipped with 2 digital whiteboards, Microsoft Teams meeting options, free Wi-Fi, and all the necessary writing implements to ensure a successful meeting.

Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan scholar and explorer, embarked on remarkable journeys through Africa, Europe, and Asia, covering an astounding 117,000 km. His renowned travel report, the Rihlah, remains one of the world’s most celebrated works, vividly describing the people, places, and cultures he encountered, both within and outside the Islamic world. Experience the spirit of exploration and embrace boundless possibilities in the Battuta room for your next meeting or event. Reserve your space now and create an unforgettable experience for your team or guests!

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