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Magellaan (boardroom)

Step into the perfect boardroom setting

Designed to accommodate 12 persons, this meeting room is a haven for generating endless inspirational ideas.
When you book the Magellan, next to water, you will be treated to your own Nespresso machine, adding a touch of exclusivity to the experience. Our meeting rooms come fully equipped with digital whiteboards, Microsoft Teams meeting options, free Wi-Fi, and all the necessary writing implements, ensuring every aspect of your meeting is set up for success.

You will receive a 20% discount on the total price, excluding catering, if you also book a tour together with this meeting room.

In 1519, the adventurous Portuguese explorer Magellan set sail from Spain with a fleet of five ships, embarking on a daring quest to explore the Spice Islands. Along the way, he discovered what is now known as the Magellan Straits, leaving an incredible mark on the world. Magellan’s spirit of exploration lives on in the Magellan boardroom, inspiring you to chart new courses and make history in your endeavours.
Unlock the potential of this exclusive setting and reserve the Magellan boardroom now for a truly remarkable meeting experience!.

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