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The perfect space for workshops & seminars

Elevate your workshops and seminars with the Pytheas, a fantastic room designed for excellence. This intimate space accommodates 24 persons in a U-form setup or 30 persons in a classroom style, providing ample room for your team or invitees to engage in meaningful interactions.

Booking the Pytheas includes complimentary water, while coffee and tea are available before/after the meeting and during breaks. Our meeting rooms come equipped with digital whiteboards, Microsoft Teams meeting options, free Wi-Fi, and all the necessary writing implements to ensure the success of your event.

You will receive a 20% discount on the total price, excluding catering, if you also book a tour together with this meeting room.

Discover the fascinating history of Pytheas from Massalia, a Greek geographer, explorer, and astronomer. In 325 BC, he embarked on a voyage of discovery to the northwest of Europe, becoming the first Greek to visit and describe the British Isles and the Atlantic coast. An interesting fact: after exploring a significant part of Great Britain on foot, he accurately estimated the island’s circumference at around 6,400 km. Be inspired by the spirit of exploration as you conduct your workshops and seminars in the Pytheas room.

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