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A clear choice for your brainstorming session! 

This meeting room provides the perfect environment for co-creation, accommodating up to 12 persons in a U-shape or up to 15 persons in a boardroom setting, offering ample flexibility to suit your needs.

When you book the Vespucci, enjoy complimentary water. While coffee and tea are available before/after the meeting and during the breaks. Our meeting rooms are equipped with digital whiteboards, Microsoft Teams meeting options, free Wi-Fi, and all the necessary writing implements to ensure the success of your gathering.

Did you know that Amerigo Vespucci, the 15th-century Florentine merchant and explorer, is the man behind the name ‘America’? During a voyage around the tip of South America in 1501, Vespucci made the groundbreaking discovery that America was not part of Asia, a revelation that challenged Christofo Columbus’s beliefs. Discover this intriguing fact and more as you make the Vespucci your space for inspired collaboration.

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