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Whitepaper: Materials with a future

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Materialen met een toekomst

Sustainability has gained considerable importance in the logistics sector over the past decades. In this regard, packaging is a hot topic on the agenda of logistics companies. Business packaging has long since ceased to simply protect goods, but must also comply with increasingly stringent regulations and laws. But how can companies meet the targets from the new European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation? What innovations can help them reduce waste? And which packaging is really the most sustainable?

To explore these and other packaging challenges, Log!Ville organised the theme tour ‘Innovative packaging solutions: Reduce – Reuse – Rethink’. There, companies could learn not only about innovative reusable packaging, but also about sustainable alternatives to disposable carriers and securing materials and smart applications for optimising vehicle loads. We welcomed as many as 327 unique companies on this tour. As icing on the cake and concluding this period, Log!Ville organised a live event to share key insights with logistics professionals.

In this paper ‘Materials with a future’, you will read the key insights for getting started with sustainable packaging from the keynotes and the debate.

This whitepaper is only published in Dutch, we apologize for the inconvenience.